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Huber Motion lab


Brand: LPG Huber Motion Lab

Condition: Used (very good)

Location: Berlin, Germany

Year of manufacture: 2013

Torsten Keßler


Mobil:+49 170 91 26 617

Price is 14900.- Euro

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With the Huber Motion Lab by LPG over 400 pre-configured and easy to understand and trainable exercises for physiotherapy and fitness studios are available.


The Huber Motion Lab is often used worldwide in leading medical practices / physiotherapy facilities and gyms.


The unique technology of the Huber Motion Lab allows to mobilize joints and build muscles gently and with gentle joints. To do this, the Huber Motion Lab uses a mobile platform, adjustable resistance grips and a moveable column.


The Huber Motion Lab is an isokinetic training with direct bio-feedback on the display. In this case, three-dimensional training is carried out in functional muscle chains. This increases muscle strength (physical performance), increases body awareness and neurological performance through neurokinetic brain training. LPG claims that the Huber Motion Lab is applicable in over 90 percent of all classic pathologies.


Possible areas of application may be traumatology, orthopedics, rheumatology, neurology, cardiology, urogynaecology, geriatrics.


Please contact us for further questions about the Huber Motion Lab.

8 000,00 EUR tasse escl.